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I have these grand ideas at night, and if I don’t act on them by morning my motivation is gone. Looks like I’ll be up all night…
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Just finished reading a book, it was SO bad omg

How can the epilogue be the only part worth reading ew

Never impulse buying again!

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Perks of being in the sixth form book club is getting books before they are released FOR FREE

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2 and a half hour maths exam today, I’m pretty sure that breaches human rights

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Peer pressure is real, my laptop has been pressuring me for ages to install acer cloud. Now it’s covering half the screen and won’t close. Might call childline, I won’t give in

I send my friends weird suit selfies at 6am on the first day back to school. Yes I am that friend!
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Can someone explain why I always start my work on the second day of the holiday but always end up having so much left to do! I’ve spent the last two weeks waking up to spend the whole day working

The thing is I don’t mind doing essays and maths papers, I actually enjoy doing them but when I have like a 4000 word coursework to do, it’s not actually possible!!

I know tomorrow when I go to school they’ll give me shit about it, no one cares to understand how much other things you have to also do!! I cannot wait for university at least all the work is the same subject damn. History, psychology and maths have nothing to do with each other

I’m confused with life

India coursework
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doing my Indian Independence coursework whilst listening to bollywood soundtracks, only good thing going for me….

Lunch at a Mexican restaurant!
Cinnamon swirls! We were watching Man vs Food and they gave my mum the idea
Secret Santa
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At school we are doing secret santa and I got the one guy in my tutor set who I don’t know, this will be fun! Any ideas? The budget is £5.

Smells so good!
at Tower Bridge
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Kevin Mckidd and Tony Goldwyn look so alike it freaks me out! they have the same face

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